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Dell 2150CN

Dell 2150CN Toner Cartridges

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3310719-3310716-3310717-3310718 Dell 2150 Compatible  Value Bundle Toner

3310719-3310716-3310717-3310718 Black, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta Toners for Dell 2150 Cartridge - 3000 Yield Capacity

Compatible with - Dell 2150CN toner cartridge printer

331-0719 Dell 2150 Compatible Black Toner

331-0719 Compatiable Black Toner for Dell 2150 Cartridge - High Capacity Yield 3000 pages

Compatible with - Dell 2150CN toner cartridge printer

331-0716 Dell 2150 Compatible  Cyan Toner

331-0716 Compatiable Cyan Toner for Dell 2150 Cartridge - High Capacity Yield 3000 pages

Compatible with - Dell 2150CN toner cartridge printer

331-0717 Dell 2150 Compatible Magenta Toner

331-0717 Compatiable Magenta Toner for Dell 2150 Cartridge - High Capacity Yield 3000 pages

Compatible with - Dell 2150CN toner cartridge printer

331-0718 Dell 2150 Compatible Yellow Toner

331-0718 Compatible Yellow Toner for Dell 2150 Cartridge - High Capacity Yield 3000 pages

Compatible with - Dell 2150CN toner cartridge printer

The basics of Dell 2150 Printers

Dell 2150 printers are designed to offer superior speed and professional quality prints. The printer features a 23 ppm for both black and white and color prints, a 600 by 600 dpi resolution for high quality printing, automatic duplex to enable you double side print and a high toner capability yielding over 40,000 pages duty cycle monthly. At its launch price of $400, you get good quality printing and overall high performance with some expandability options. The paper handling capabilities include 150 paper output bin, paper cassette with a 250 paper capability, an automated duplexing and manually operated paper slot.† A side panel will ensure easy access to the printer toner cartridges while an easy drum removal ensures easy reach of paper jams. The color laser technology will ensure a consistent high quality output. The custom print options allows for multiple page print,† use the duplexer to reduce paper wastage and keep printing even when your color toners are finished in black and white.

The Dell 2150 printer series has two toner cartridge sizes available. There is a 1200 page toner cartridge that is average priced and a more affordable 5cents/page black cartridge offered roughly at $60; the color toner cartridges go for an average of $80 each (including yellow, cyan and magenta) which translates to roughly 6.7cents/page. The high performance toners†† include the 2500 page for color costing approximately $99 and a 3000 page black option selling at roughly $100.

†Now, just as any other machines, you may encounter various printing problems while using the printer. Some of the problems actually need no specialized skill to troubleshoot. In fact, simply understanding the root cause of the problem will be enough to troubleshoot a number of those problems.† Here are number of hitches you may encounter while using your printer and how to troubleshoot them:

†Beard carries out prints. This may be caused by altitude changes.† If your printer location is on high altitude, consider resetting the location altitude to a lower point.† Simply go to the tool box and click on the Adjust Altitude option. Choose an altitude value that is not way below the current altitude. Advisably, choose a value that is close enough to the current one.† If that does not resolve the problem, consider replacing the printer PHD and re-install a new one if you have one.

†Jagged character printing. To resolve this, get to the printer driver and set its screen to the fineness option. If that does not resolve the problem, reset your printing mode to a higher quality option. You may also want to consider enabling the Bitmap smoothing if the problem still persists after trying step two.

†Banding when printing. If this occurs, first determine the root cause of the problem. Do this by clicking on the chart print found on your printerís diagnosis tab. Then click on the configuration chart option. At this point, the cause of the problem may be determined. Depending on the cause, act accordingly.

There are numerous problems that you may encounter when using your dell 2150 printer including what is considered as light induced fatigue, vertical blanks, ghosting, and streaking, blurring, toner smearing among others. Many of these problems can be easily resolved basically by understanding their causes.

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