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Health Issues

Public trends and responses to breast cancer awareness programs.

Owing to the rising cases of breast cancer all over the world, there have been a number of measures set up to counter its spreading. Even though some of these moves do not impact directly on the spread of the disease, they have really achieved a lot in raising public awareness and reducing stigma among the victims. Not only has the number of supporters been on the increase, but we can also notice the big change of mentality that has been brought about as a result. What is most remarkable is the fact that these programs bring people together, including the infected, where they have raised huge amounts of money in support of these programs. By fact, we can comfortably say that breast cancer programs are among the most well received projects as far as health programs are concerned. All these achievements can be credited to various strategies that have been applied since the beginning of these moves. Below we look at various ways through which pro-breast cancer program supporters have been advocating for big changes in the public and having people change their perception towards the disease. However, these are just a few of the many strategies that have been adopted in various parts of the world. For the rest of the story please Click here

Breast Cancer
There are many newtechniques available today for breast cancer discovery.When you are diagnosed with breast cancer, it can be quite devastating. However, with a little courage and modern medicine, you can surely overcome this disease. Whenever you have an opportunity, you need to learn about breast cancer symptoms and the effective methods of treatment. Also, as the saying goes, "Prevention is better than the cure." Therefore, you need to be alert and aware about this type of cancer.

Latest breast cancer discovery
Scientists have discovered all the genetic mutations that happen in breast cancer. They have already mapped them virtually. This breast cancer discovery can soon change the treatment for patients and also help researchers find better treatment methods. ( More Ino )

Please visit the Susan G. Komen for the Cure for more information on this Life Treating illness

Breast Cancer Common Desese? Facts about Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a very common disease that affects many of the women across the world. Breast cancer can happen to anyone; however, not all pain or lumps in the breasts are cancerous. When a girl attains puberty, she may notice painful bumps and lumps in the breast, but this is generally caused because the body is growing.

Lumps may also form because of hormonal changes that happen during the monthly period cycle. Such lumps may disappear after some time. Sometimes in the late teens or early twenties, you may find lumps that are round and rubbery known as "fibro adenomas." You need not be frightened if you have one, as it is not cancerous.

Usually, people have a misconception that breast cancer affects women above 40 years only. Today, you can see that many young women who are in their 20's and 30's are being diagnosed with cancer. Although the percentage of younger women having the symptoms is lower than older women, it can affect anyone irrespective of their age. Moreover, it is believed that 1% of breast cancer has also been diagnosed in men.

( More Info )

Information is power take charge more information is available from the American Cancer Society Click Here

Breast cancer in men is curable too.

What are the kinds of experiences that men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer have? They must at least be experiencing mixed feelings, especially since breast cancer has for a long time been associated solely with women. As a result, most information is given out in the assumption that it ends up being heard only by women. Certainly none of those who informed people about cancer ever thought of men as likely victims of the disease. All in all, our minds were made to think of it as only a woman's issue, a fact that makes it difficult for men with breast cancer to open up frankly.

As a man, at first you are shocked when your doctor confirms that you are indeed diagnosed with breast cancer. That certainly becomes a sort of turning point. The very first thing that you want to believe at that point is that your condition is treatable but that cannot really be assured, as it depends on the stage of the disease. The whole issue in you becomes a set of complications that list from your personal feelings to your mental state. You may probably want to relate it to a stigma. But, forget about the result because whatever comes out in the end could have been stopped at its very early stages. Click here for (the rest of the story)

How is the internet involved in breast cancer issues?

If you look around you'll see a lot of information and speculation floating around all in a bid to dig deeper into this issue of breast cancer. Breast cancer has indeed become a nightmare not only for women, but also for men who now seem equally prone to this type of cancer. Discussions on cancer have been put up all over the information channels. You may also notice it from the press and the media and more so from the internet chats, blogs and forums. In fact, if anything was to be said on breast cancer with regard to the internet, then we would say that the internet is coming up as a cancer-discussions hub. Millions of internet users, especially those who have been diagnosed with the disease, have brought these cancer oriented discussions with them on board. For a better understanding on what really goes on when we talk of breast cancer internet discussions, you ought to ask yourself this next big question and seek answers below. For (the rest of the story Click here


long and expensive wait for its first Joint Strike Fighter jet
Israel Strikes in Response as Syria Attacks Near 2 Borders US to Overtake Saudi Arabia as Top Oil Producer London 2012: your highlights from Britain's 'golden summer'
Defence Secretary Phillip Hammond flew out in person to the searing heat of Fort Worth, Texas, for the official handover ceremony from its US manufacturer Lockheed Martin. He says it is "the best warplane money can buy". But it is an eye-watering sum - the current cost of each jet is more than 100m. After watching Britain's first F-35 take to the skies, Mr Hammond said "this is money well spent". He said it would give the RAF and Royal Navy "a world class fighting capability" with the ability to "project power" off the two new aircraft carriers. (More) The confrontation fueled new fears that the Syrian civil war could drag Israel into the violence, a scenario with grave consequences for the region. The fighting has already spilled into "We are closely monitoring what is happening and will respond appropriately. We will not allow our borders to be violated or our citizens to be fired upon," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday in a speech to foreign ambassadors. While officials believe President Bashar Assad has no interest in picking a fight with Israel. (More) The United States will overtake Saudi Arabia and Russia as the world's top oil producer by 2017, the West's energy agency said, predicting Washington will come very close to achieving a previously unthinkable energy self-sufficiency. The forecasts by the International Energy Agency (IEA), which advises large industrialized nations on energy policy, were in sharp contrast to previous IEA reports, which saw Saudi Arabia remaining the top producer until 2035. Read more: America's Money News Page - Home Important: Can you afford to Retire? . (more) The closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games was not only the end of the competition; for many it was the finale of a summer of endeavour and achievement from competitors, volunteers and spectators alike. During almost six weeks of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London, our readers have shared their experiences and views of the sporting spectacle and of its impact on communities in London and beyond. We've heard from volunteers and those watching the events, to torchbearers and international viewers following the action from afar. (More)
Barrack Obama

What Obama's Re-election means to the Housing Industry

The re-election of Barrack Obama to the White House is something that most Americans and even other people across the globe were excited to see. Different people have got their own reasons why they have waited for the re-election in great anticipation. However, since that has happened, it is now time that you need to reflect on the implications that his re-election will have on various sectors. One of the most important sectors that you should focus your reflection on is the housing sector. This is because, housing is a basic human need and so looking at the impacts that Obama's re-election will have on it is of great importance.

Throughout the entire campaign period in 2002, it should be noted that even though Obama was advocating for better housing policies, he was short on certain specifics. This can be seen in the way that him, and his counterpart, Mitt Romney tried to ignore issues touching on housing policies as if the issues had long been resolved. As a result of this, it becomes easier for people to come up with hints on how the housing policies will look like in Obama's second term that has just begun. Click here for rest of the story.

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